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Clash Royale New Update with new cards

Hello friends, this is the first post on this site. We are a fresh new team formed by 9 (5 men and 4 girls) ex members of important games sites. We will do our best to bring you the freshest news and rumors.

Today we bring you the news of the new update from SuperCell for Clash Royale.This update is expected on 17 this month.

After a few months of playing Clash Royale players around the globe needed a change to the game, and this new update will be received with delight. After the announcement SuperCell has reveald a few cards to keep the players breathless. Here are a few:

The Bandit

The Night Witch



As you can see all cards are awesome. I personally can’t wait to play the game with this new cards. We will add new cards as soon they are reveald to us so stay tuned.

The Bandit will be available on 17 this month on the special

Draft Chalange

For more info about Clash Royale and for tips and tricks on the game click here

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